Andisheh Electronic Mahsa (AEM) with the trade mark of Mahsa has 15 years experiences in Biometric and Access Control Systems And is a producer of the Time Attendance but officially has been established in 1996 to fulfill the increasing demand of safety and security systems through Iran and Gulf area.
At the time being feedbacks of our customers are our honors to enable us to offer state-of –the-art technologies and services.
Mahsa has focused not only on its own products but also on the products of foreign reputable companies by being appointment as the exclusive and non-exclusive distributor ,within Iran and middle east especially in the field of biometric solution. This company chose as a superior management in 1382,1383 in Iran. Mahsa company has ISO 9001-2000 certificate.
AEM has relied on the following persons to run its activities and services:
Mr.A.R.Shahabadi: Managing Director
Mr.M. Shahabadi :Head of R &D Department
Mr. H. Shahabadi : Production Manager
Meanwhile this company is a Distributor about:


All activities of Mahsa Co:

 Time Attendance (Contact less, Barcode, Magnetic, Optical).
 Time Attendance (Fingerprint, Card, Code).
 Contact less Door Lock System with computer connection.
 Contact less Door Lock System without computer connection.
 Battery / Fingerprint Door Lock System without computer connection.
 Fingerprint Door lock System with report ability and computer connection.
 Card optical Door lock System.
 Central control of parcels box with fingerprint/card /code.
 Face scanning Time Attendance / Door Lock System.
 Car / Person Barrier control with contact less / coin reader.
 Person / Car Gates.
 Wireless Paging System.
 Credit system.
 Parking Control + calculating stand time in the parking.
 Closed – Circuit Camera, Extinction of fire and fire alarm.
 Genius Refrigerator with computer connection.
 Elevator card control.
 Smart Key Power.
 RFID (Proximity) Reader with 5 to 130cm distance range. Mifare , HID, RF with 5m distance.
 Card/ Tag and smart label with various frequencies.
 Magnetic, Bolt, Dead Bolt Locks.
 Card holder for PVC card (Hanging / Belt).
 Hardware / Software project performance.

All the above mentioned activities can be usable for Homes, Factories, Organizations, Companies, Restaurants, Banks, Stores, Sport places. Hospitals, Elevators, Safe boxes, Glass Door, Parcel boxes, etc.


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